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Kerin to launch liberals mt gambier campaign with a plan for women’s rights

Kerin to launch liberals mt gambier campaign with a p슬롯 머신lan for women’s rights


As we reported earlier, a new presidential exploratory committee has launched an independent bid for the White House. Now, a small but growing group of female Democrats are weighing in – just not with a candidate, let alone a woman. The women are taking it in different directions. They want to get some of the women running for offices around the country to ru모나코 카지노n for president. NPR’s Jim Miklaszewski joins us live from Philadelphia.

Jim, thanks so much for speaking with us. Tell us about what you are.

JIM MIKASZEWSKI: Thank you for having me.

LEE: You’ve been mentioned before as the only female presidential candidate who really seems to be doing it for a political reason – an ambition to be president in the next half-century. You’re the only woman, according to that website – at least the one that’s running, because no woman really has the name recognition of the other candidates, but you are not a candidate. You’re just a new candidate. You’re in the race hoping to win back female voters. It’s a tough place to be, though, in these last couple of years for women in presidential elections.

MIKASZEWSKI: Let’s get into what that might mean and what you’d like to see happen and how that could benefit women in the next presidential election and be퍼스트카지노yond.

LEE: Well, there are quite a few different things you need to start doing here. In particular, we are going to need women who are in and out of government. There are a number of things that need to happen, Jim, that will benefit all women, including women and men, and particularly working women and working men. They need to make sure they have access to the information that’s needed to make decisions about where they want to run for office, what their priorities are, so they don’t spend time thinking about that, because there’s a lot that they can contribute on the other side of the country. And then that’s going to help all women run for office, including female candidates. There are a number of things you could do to make sure we’re going to have a gender balance in the system, Jim. So you just start there and make sure that women feel comfortable in this decision because that’s what it will mean in the long run for our country.


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Westpac rescue chopper wins contact for northern nsw super regi n

Westpac rescue chopper wins contact for northern nsw super regi n.


Sorry, this video has expired Video: Sydney boat captain to be ‘overly self-centred’ (7pm TV News NSW)

A NSW Rescue helicopter is to be returned to Tasmania after being damaged by a storm that has killed 10 people across the state.

A spokeswoman for the state Emergency Management Agency confirmed the helicopter had been placed on hold while it repaired damage in the nearby community of Lismore.

“We want to reassure the public the helicopter will be safe on the flight to Tasmania,” she said.

The NSW SAA helicopter was sent up the north coast of the state on Wednesday, returning in the morning to Hobart.

Two other helicopters also were sent to rescue rescuers in the state’s north, as well as in NSW’s south and in the country as far south as Darwin.

Sydney gospelhitzman in critical condition after boat capsizes in Tasmanian storm

The helicopter’s mission was to provide a first-class air-lift and communications services to the region.

Emergency Communications Superintendent Tim Siewert saigospelhitzd the area was still a “very busy area, with heavy rain, wind and severe flooding”.

“We are trying to do everything we can to assist the local communities to ensure they are at ease,” he said.

The rescue chopper is expected to have a fresh crew in time to fly back to New S바카라사이트outh Wales on Friday, Siewert said.

“We’ll have the helicopter up and running in time to do the mission, but it will come in to service on Friday,” he said.

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