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Abrams tanks ready for action in Syria

Abram바카라사이트s tanks ready for action in Syria.

The Israeli military said that the IDF had destroyed a Hamas machine gun and other weapons during “a very sophisticated Hamas attack against an Israeli convoy on January 14, 2012.”

The Israeli military said the weap예스카지노ons were smuggled into the Sinai from Egypt.

The Israeli air force said Thursday that it launched an airstrike against “hundreds” of mi예스카지노litants in Syria.

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The army said that it had struck “hundreds” of militants from Syria and Iraq as part of its operation aimed at destroying tunnels being used by militants from other parts of the Middle East and North Africa.

The Israeli military said that it had targeted more than 400 “terror sites” in Syria.

In January 2012 a strike destroyed one Hamas weapons depot. Hamas has been widely accused of supplying weapons to Syrian militant groups.

In 2008, Israel hit a tunnel that was leading to Gaza, killing nine and wounding dozens more.

In 2009, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s government destroyed an airbase suspected of being used for Hamas training camps.