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The journey through the ranks of Brazilian jiu jitsu is brutally challenging. Not just physically, but also mentally and spiritually. For this same reason, the endeavor to attain grappling greatness is also incredibly transformative and rewarding.

The feeling of accomplishment and validation that a jiu jitsu student gets when the next stripe or belt is achieved cannot be overstated. The feeling of elation, breakthrough and the respect and approval of their peers and teachers leaves a permanent indent on the jiu jitsu student’s psyche.

This is why it is valuable to track your academy members’ attendance and progress in a systematic way. In some jiu jitsu academies promotions are haphazard and irregular. I’ve personally witnessed bitter rifts and arguments when students felt they have been passed over for belt promotions and seen good training partners leave for other schools because of this.

In other gyms,¬†eligibility for stripe and belt¬†promotions is formally laid out. The grapplers’ time and attendance is tracked. This leads to regular promotions and acknowledgement of progress. Which results in increased pride and motivation which in turn drives retention of jiu jitsu students. makes it easy for students to check in before class, via a simple QR code scan from their phones. Instructors/gym owners can set eligibility requirements and see their jiu jitsu students progress at a glance on easy to read reports. helps you stay in touch with members that haven’t showed up in a while, which is another important driver in increasing member retention. You can also set and publish your class schedule.

Other features on the roadmap that are coming soon are digital waivers and curriculum tracking. is Brazilian jiu jitsu academy owners’ one stop for student relationship management by making day-to-day administrative tasks easy and increasing member retention.

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Schedule on the fly

Set classes, times and instructors.

View historical reports

Instructors and students can view attendance data and progress online.

Reduce churn

Increase student retention.

Track class attendance

Automate class attendace tracking with convenient barcode scanning capability.

Take control over messages

Maintain contact with students and send attendance reports electronically.

Coming soon

New features on roadmap include digital waivers and curriculum tracking.

“My day is usually quite hectic. Before I used BJJTrackr I had to manually fill out student attendance cards after each class.
BJJTrackr helped me get more organized, and now I simply get more done.”

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We’re a software-as-a-service start-up based in Winston-Salem, NC, run by practicing jiu-jitsu enthusiasts.

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Our mission is to automate the repetitive, error-prone and tedious task of jiu jitsu class attendance tracking.

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  • Track your school's classes, instructors, students and their attendance and progress through one convenient service.